Making biomass a true alternative to petroleum


Technology for Impact

Bloom converts biogenic carbons efficiently and sustainably

Responsible production

Better conversion yields contribute to
resource efficiency

Climate action

Bloom enables the chemical industry
to become green & sustainable

Clean energy

valorisation of an under-utilised
provides a new source of green energy

A technology making
biomass utilisation competitive

Responsible, Clean & Sustainable

Our technology has the potential to create a global impact in the use of sustainable resources. By introducing a new route for the production of biorenewable products and fuels, we offer a sustainable alternative to fossil-based industries and contribute to mitigating climate change.

The Team

Three young entrepreneurs eager to help shaping the foundation for a green chemical industry.

Dr. Remy Buser

CEO & co-founder
Remy is a chemist by training with 5+ years of startup experience. He has also advised decision-makers on environmental bills and worked in the chemical industry in China. He is passionate about building teams, leveraging technologies and turning disruptive visions into sustainable businesses that have a global impact.

Dr. Florent Héroguel

COO & co-founder
Florent holds a Master degree from École Normale Supérieure de Lyon (France) and a PhD in Chemistry from ETH Zürich. He is currently scientist at EPFL where he develops new processes for biomass valorization. He aims at leveraging his knowledge in chemistry and chemical engineering to take academic concepts to the market.

Jean Behaghel de Bueren

Jean is a chemical engineer with experience in the Flavor and Fragrance industry. He became fascinated by the new potential of biomass valorization thanks to the use of innovative technologies. His ambition to take part in the paradigm shift from a system where the renewability and the eco-responsability were constraints and become now profitable opportunities.

Countless novel routes for the production of bulk chemicals in a sustainable fashion.

Our technology offers the possibility to break through current limitations. With our aldehyde pretreatment method, we are able to efficiently separate the polysaccharides fraction (cellulose and hemicellulose) while stabilizing lignin polymers in a near native structure, thus preserving close to 100% of its ether bonds. This stabilized structure allows, for the first time, to valorize lignin to its full potential.

The Process

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Bloom maximizes the usage of plant material with cutting-edge science.

The patented mild lignin extraction method uses stabilizing molecules (so-called “protection groups”) that prevent the lignin from condensing during extraction.

Shuai et al., Science, vol. 354, num. 6310, p. 329-333, 2016
Formaldehyde stabilization facilitates lignin monomer production during biomass depolymerization.
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Lan et al., Angew Chem, vol. 57, num. 5, p. 1356-1360, 2018
Protection Group Effects During α,γ-Diol Lignin Stabilization Promote High-Selectivity Monomer Production.
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Questell-Santiago et al., Nature Chemistry, 10, 12, 1222-1228, 2018
Carbohydrate stabilization extends the kinetic limits of chemical polysaccharide depolymerization.
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Amiri et al., Nature Protocols, 14, 921-954, 2019
Fractionation of lignocellulosic biomass to produce uncondensed aldehyde-stabilized lignin.
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Bloom Biorenewables Sàrl
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In participating in the development of our technology, you can join the revolution leading to a sustainable society. As investor, collaborator or supporter you can contribute to our vision.

The advisory board

The Key Opinion Leaders sharing and shaping the vision.

Prof. Jeremy Luterbacher


Prof. Reto Frei


Dr. Martin Riediker


Prof. François Maréchal


Pol Budmiger


Take the opportunity & make a change

As an investor or a collaborator, our technology allows you to take action in the valorisation of biomass and impact to the development of a sustainable economy.

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